WIP Hakkapeliitat UCITS fund

WIP Hakkapeliitat is an actively managed mutual fund. The fund’s objective is to achieve as high as possible capital appreciation through investing in Nordic, reasonably priced small and middle cap companies’ shares with moderate risk-taking. The fund is administered by EAB Rahastoyhtiö Oy.

Valuation of the investment targets is made through fundamental bottom-up analysis, where the goal is to gain thorough understanding of the company’s business model and industry and identify the company’s ability to create value. Several factors are evaluated when determining the value of a company, including factors such as:

  • Market position / competitive advantages
  • Market growth
  • Business model
  • Management and corporate governance
  • Earnings history and balance sheet

When selecting an investment object, we particularly emphasize that the company has a strong market position in its own industry and/or geographical market, or that the company or its industry in question is facing a transformation that will increase the value of the company. Analyst coverage of smaller companies tends to be lower, which in turn raises the information value of these companies. Added value can thus be created for investors through thorough fundamental analysis.

The fund’s investments are made long-term and excessive trading is avoided. The fund’s assets can be invested in equities and (other) equity linked securities, bonds (including convertibles), money market instruments, deposits at credit institutions and in standardized derivative contracts.

Please contact backoffice@wip.fi for more information.

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