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WIP Nordic Equity is an actively managed equity fund. The fund’s objective is to achieve as high as possible capital appreciation through investing in Nordic, reasonably priced companies’ shares with moderate risk-taking. The majority of the Fund’s assets are invested in companies, whose main business is service and maintenance. The rest of the Fund’s assets are invested in companies, that can be categorized as ESG and/or growth companies.

In the selection of the investments, it is particularly taken into consideration that the target companies have a strong market position, a sustainable competitive edge and a well proven business model that creates a stable cash flow and facilitates a sustainable financial growth. The Fund takes ESG aspects into account in its investment process.

Valuation of the target companies is made through fundamental bottom-up analysis, with the objective of gaining a thorough understanding of the company’s business model and industry and identify the company’s ability to create value. When selecting an investment object, we particularly emphasize that the company has a strong market position in its own industry and/or geographical market, a competitive advantage and a proven business model which creates a steady cash flow and a long-lasting financial growth.

The fund’s investments are made long-term and excessive trading is avoided. The Fund may place its assets in transferrable securities, bonds and other money market instruments, UCITS and AIFs (including ETF), derivatives and deposits in credit institutions.


WIP Nordic Equity monthly report


Asset managerWIP Asset Management Ltd.
Rasmus Skand and Jenni Riikonen
Fund administratorGRIT Fund Management Company Ltd.
CustodianSEB Ab, Helsinki branch
Fund typeUCITS
Base currecyEUR
Fund inception date1.9.2010
A-unit inception date2.1.2020
Management fee p.a.0,9 %
Performance fee15 %*
Subscription fee0 %
Redemption fee0 %
Minimum subscription1 000 EUR

* with 6 % hurdle and High Water Mark.

Please contact funds@wip.fi for more information.