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WIP Water Fund is an actively managed ESG thematic alternative investment fund. The fund invests globally and selectively in companies within the water industry, whose core business is based on water-related activities such as water infrastructure or water technology. The majority of the fund’s holdings are in global listed equity, particularly in large and medium-sized stable quality companies. The emphasis is also on target companies’ responsibility.

In addition, the fund may invest in unlisted Nordic companies, distinguishing WIP Water Fund from traditional equity funds. With unlisted investments the fund aims to achieve both a sharper water strategy and a higher return potential.

WIP Water Fund takes target companies' environmental, social and governmental aspects into account in accordance with WIP’s principles for responsible investments. Emphasis is on companies that are sustainable within the water-theme and companies that do not reach WIP’s criteria for responsibility are excluded from the fund’s investment universe.

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WIP Water Fund 8/2021


Asset manager WIP Asset Management Ltd.
Rasmus Skand and Jenni Riikonen
Fund administrator GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd.
Custodian SEB Ab, Helsinki branch
Fund type AIF
Base currecy EUR
Liquidity Weekly
(on the last bank day of the week)
NAV Daily
Fund inception date 1.10.2020


ISIN FI4000411350 FI4000411368
Management fee p.a. 1,2 % 0,9 %
Performance fee 15 % * 15 % *
Subscription fee 0 % 0 %
Redemption fee 0 % 0 %
Minimum subscription 1 000 EUR 250 000 EUR
Dividend No No

* with 6 % hurdle.

Please contact funds@wip.fi for more information.