WIP Technology Fund AIF


The profit growth of technology companies is structurally faster than that of traditional companies and this trend can be expected to continue in the future. Technology companies develop new services and products and are therefore able to take market shares from slower-reacting companies. They also receive a large share of new investments.

WIP Technology Fund is an actively managed alternative investment fund that invests in technology companies worldwide. The goal is to find the best listed technology companies globally.

The fund’s investments are diversified into three groups:

  • Global giants: Stable and large global technology companies that already have a strong market position
  • Platform companies of the future: Fast-growing and market share winning platform companies
  • Small technology companies: Innovative technology companies, especially in the Nordic countries

By diversifying, we reduce the risk in a rapidly changing industry. When selecting investments, we put special emphasis on the fact that the company may become a leader in its field. These companies have the prerequisites to achieve a strong market position globally and grow their revenues and earnings rapidly. In addition, the company must be exceptionally innovative and have a management that has been proven competent in their field.

The fund is suitable for long-term investors who can withstand short-term value volatility.

Basic information
Portfolio manager WIP Asset Management Ltd Tuomas Komulainen
Fund management GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd.
Custodian SEB Ab, Helsinki branch
Fund type AIF
Base currency EUR
Liquidity Daily
NAV Daily
Fund inception date 31.3.2021
A-unit I-unit
ISIN FI4000496260 FI4000496278
Management fee p.a. 1,0 % 0,8 %
Performance fee 20 % 20 %
Subscription fee 0 % 0 %
Redemption fee 0 % 0 %
Minimum subscription 1.000 EUR 250.000 EUR
Dividend No No

* of the return exceeding the MSCI ACWI Net Return EUR index calculated during the calendar year daily.

The environmental and social impacts, as well as governance practices, of the investment targets are considered in accordance with WIP’s principles for responsible investments.