WIP Water Fund AIF


Water is a vital, but scarce resource. Many factors, such as urbanization, climate change and population growth, are burdening our existing limited water resources. WIP Water Fund invests globally in companies within the water industry that promote more efficient water use. Companies in the fund operate within water infrastructure or water technology, with an emphasis on sustainable companies.

In the selection of companies, emphasis is placed on large and medium-sized, stable, and high-quality companies. In addition, the fund can invest in smaller listed or unlisted Nordic companies. With these investments we aim for a more focused water strategy.

The fund is suitable for long-term investors.

Basic information
Portfolio manager WIP Asset Management Ltd
Rasmus Skand and Jenni Hemánus
Fund management GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd
Custodian SEB Ab, Helsinki branch
Fund type AIF
Base currency EUR
Liquidity Weekly (on the last bank day of the week)
NAV Daily
Fund inception date 1.10.2020
A-unit I-unit
ISIN FI4000411368 FI4000411350
Management fee p.a. 0,9 % 0,9 %
Performance fee 15 % * 12 % *
Subscription fee 0 % 0 %
Redemption fee 0 % 0 %
Minimum subscription 1.000 EUR 2.500.000 EUR
Dividend No No

* with 6 % hurdle and High Water Mark.

The environmental and social impacts, as well as governance practices, of the investment targets are considered in accordance with WIP’s principles for responsible investments. Responsibly managed companies are favored within the scope of the fund’s water theme. Companies that based on WIP’s sustainability assessment do not meet the sustainability requirements set by WIP, are excluded.

WIP Water Fund has been classified as a responsible fund under Article 8 based on EU regulations. The light green funds under Article 8 promote environmental and social issues, among other characteristics.