Tailored asset management

Read more about our investment philosophy, investment process, principles for responsible investing and our discretionary asset management services.

Our values at WIP are integrity, expertise and reliability. In our tailored asset management every client’s individual investment preferences and needs are taken into account. The client and his private portfolio manager together define the goals and principles of the asset management; the risk profile of the portfolio, the investment horizon and the geographical and industrial distribution of the investments. The client’s investments are in his or her own name and every client portfolio is unique.

Investment philosophy and process

Our long-term investment process builds on picking the stocks of good quality companies and acquiring them at an affordable price. The stocks we pick are not sold easily, unless the market outlook changes dramatically. A very traditional “buy and hold good stocks” -philosophy works as the base of our portfolio management thinking.

The Nordic countries, i.e. Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are mainly our investment universe and our focus is in equities. We have very strong experience from financial markets and we leverage this in our portfolio management.

When picking stocks, we do fundamental, bottom-up analysis, where we evaluate the quality and value creating potential of a company. Important factors are market position, market growth, management and governance, earnings history, balance sheet quality and environmental and social factors. From our extensive experience, we have discovered that only companies that act responsibly are successful in the long run. Once we’ve picked a stock we keep it under continuing surveillance.

If necessary, we can also diversify a portfolio into bonds, other mutual funds and private equity investments, of which we also have good knowledge.

Responsible investing at WIP

Together with the financial aspects we also take responsibility and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors of the companies into account when making investment decisions. By doing this we aim to mitigate risks and enhance returns as we believe responsibility is a requisite for long-term value creation. Therefore, it does not conflict with the objective of generating the best possible returns for our customers.

Assessment of the ESG factors is company-specific and they are incorporated into our fundamental investment analysis and our investment decisions. We follow external ESG ratings and make our own responsibility analysis when investing in a company. Consideration of the ESG issues does not end when the investment decision is made – through active ownership, engagement and voting, WIP works to improve the conditions for long-term success of the companies in which our customers have considerable holdings.

Our minimum requirement is that the target companies comply, in addition to legislation, with international agreements and standards, like the UN principles on human rights and environment. Most of WIP’s direct equity investments are in Nordic companies, which tend to have higher responsibility ratings compared to global peers. We also avoid investing in companies that generate significant part of their revenues from activities that are considered unethical or harmful for the environment (e.g. gambling, tobacco, alcohol, fossil fuels, nuclear, weapons).

WIP’s aim for the future is to further develop integration and application of the ESG factors into our decision-making process and for our part strengthen responsible investing within the financial industry. One step towards this was made in the beginning of 2019 when WIP joined Finsif, which is a Finnish organization that promotes responsible investments.


Discretionary asset management

The asset management is always based on a written contract. The assets are kept in custody of the client’s choice under the customer’s own name. WIP independently manages the assets with a power of attorney through the terms that are agreed upon in the contract.

Discretionary asset management means that the client leaves his portfolio and the ongoing investment decisions with the portfolio manager who has the authority to make investments within the principles that have been agreed upon with the client. The advantage with discretionary asset management is that the client doesn’t need to actively follow the market, but has a professional portfolio manager who oversees the investments and can make changes in the portfolio according to the current market situation.

We emphasize on long term investments and growth of the value of the portfolio, thus we ensure the client’s financial flexibility and leeway.

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