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WIP Technology Fund is an actively managed investment fund that invests globally in companies within the technology industry.

The assets of the fund are mainly placed in companies that can be divided into three categories:

1) Stable and global, large technology companies,

2) fast growing platform companies increasing their market shares,

3) small and mid-sized technology companies in the Nordic countries.

In the selection of target investments, especially the following features of the company are considered: the possibility to reach a strong market position either globally or within its own market segment, a fast-growing turnover and profit, its innovative nature and that its management has been deemed exceptionally good in its field.

WIP Technology Fund takes target companies' environmental, social and governmental aspects into account in accordance with WIP’s principles for responsible investments.

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Asset manager WIP Asset Management Ltd.
Tuomas Komulainen
Fund administrator GRIT Fund Management Company Ltd.
Custodian SEB Ab, Helsinki branch
Fund type AIF
Base currecy EUR
NAV Daily
Fund inception date 31.3.2021
A-class I-class
ISIN FI4000496260
Management fee p.a. 1,0 % 0,8 %
Performance fee 20 % * 20 % *
Subscription fee 0 % 0 %
Redemption fee 0 % 0 %
Minimum subscription 1 000 EUR 250 000 EUR
Dividend No No

* of the return exceeding the MSCI ACWI Net Return EUR index calculated during the calender year calculated daily.

Please contact funds@wip.fi for more information.